This is an action/adventure story about an undersized baby Beluga Whale named Chuga. It begins with Chuga, and his Mama, on his first migratory journey to their annual gathering place, the Black Pebbled Beach. There they will meet up with family and friends, and hundreds of other Belugas. Once there, Chuga makes new friends, faces the challenge of a bully, and finds himself trapped in a life or death situation.

The story includes encounters with age-old and dangerous foes in the form of the Black Beasts (Orcas, or Killer Whales), the White Beasts (Polar Bears), people, and each other. With new friends,unexpected curiosities, nature’s unyielding certainties, and deadly encounters, we race along to a dramatic and heartwarming conclusion.
Full of action and danger, excitement and triumph, it tackles some of the contemporary issues facing our youth today, and shows how our decisions can have a lasting effect on those around us.

Though it is intended for a younger audience (middle readers age 7 to 14), parents can delight in sharing this story with their children, and be able to discuss the issues presented.

14 thoughts on “Home

  1. Steve Le Porte

    A wonderful tale that could teach humans a thing or two! The suspense keeps the pages turning and everyone Cheering For Chuga! Well done and very enjoyable.

  2. Bill Yost

    My wife, in one of her library trips with the kids, came upon this book and decided to check it out. While reading to the kids, I found myself just as immersed in the story as the kids were. It was very well written, very engaging, and the characters were written in a way that makes you care for them. Hope to hear more from Mr. Kristeller in the future.

  3. Gwyn Mannion

    It was well written, suspenseful, and interesting all in one! I never knew you were a writer all those years ago.
    Thank you for sharing! Gwyn Mannion

  4. Chet Baumann

    I bought this book for my granddaughter and my niece’s two children. Before I mailed them, my wife and I read the book. We found the writing done well and the story compelling,especially for younger readers. the children loved the story and are anxiously waiting for the sequel.

  5. jessica

    Chuga the Beluga is a very sweet, compelling story that I believe any young reader will love. Chuga had many questions for his mother about the world around him as they make their journey and is presented with challenges he has never face before. I liked how situations such as bullying were addressed and I believe that young readers will enjoy this book and relate to Chuga.

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